Past Exhibitions

Artists exhibited include Polly Apfelbaum, Ken Aptekar, Christian Boltanski, Petah Coyne, Russell Crotty, Naomi Fisher, Till Freiwald, Jim Hodges, Alex Katz, Nikki S. Lee, Marco Maggi, Fairfield Porter, Lezley Saar, Shahzia Sikander, Do-Ho Suh, Robert Therrien, Wayne Thiebaud, Phoebe Washburn, Bruce Yonemoto, and many others.

Last 6 Months

8/5/16 to 2/19/17
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

This exhibition focuses on a selection of works by identifiable figures of American Pop art, widely known for their signature styles that elevate the meanings of everyday symbols, signs, and subjects.

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9/9/16 to 1/22/17
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

The structure and concept of the bridge has been a major theme of Iranian-born, Minneapolis-based artist Siah Armajani’s work for decades. In celebration of Armajani’s Kansas City No. 1 (2000), gifted by the Sosland Foundation to the Kemper Museum in honor of the Museum’s twentieth anniversary, the exhibition Siah Armajani: Bridge Builder for the first time presents the artist’s exploration of the structural and philosophical underpinning of bridges since the late 1960s.

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9/2/16 to 1/8/17
Kemper at the Crossroads

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art is pleased to partner with Charlotte Street Foundation to present the work of Charlotte Street's 2016 Visual Artist Awards Fellows. New works by Madeline Gallucci, Rodolfo Marron III, and Shawn Bitters will be featured in the 2016 Charlotte Street Visual Artist Awards Exhibition opening September 2, 2016 at Kemper at the Crossroads. The exhibition is curated by Kemper Museum's Director of Curatorial Affairs, Erin Dziedzic.

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2/19/16 to 12/11/16
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Cut and Paste presents works from the Kemper Museum Permanent Collection that are made using a range of collage techniques, from digital and printed to glued and sewn objects extracted from one context and fashioned into another. Our modern notion of collaging, or papier-collé (French for glued or stuck paper), was ignited in the early twentieth century by artists such as Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) and Georges Braque (1882–1963), who incorporated various text, photographs, found objects, and paper into works of art, resulting in an entirely new medium.

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7/15/16 to 9/12/16
Kemper East

The Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute’s (KCALSI) third annual Science to Art exhibition features intrinsic images found in biomedical research, which is often displayed on research journal covers. The purpose of Science to Art is to provide a platform for scientists to display and describe their research through the visual arts. Each of these remarkable images tells a personal research story and poetically captures the research performed by the scientists and their teams.

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Past Exhibitions