Past Exhibitions

Artists exhibited include Polly Apfelbaum, Ken Aptekar, Christian Boltanski, Petah Coyne, Russell Crotty, Naomi Fisher, Till Freiwald, Jim Hodges, Alex Katz, Nikki S. Lee, Marco Maggi, Fairfield Porter, Lezley Saar, Shahzia Sikander, Do-Ho Suh, Robert Therrien, Wayne Thiebaud, Phoebe Washburn, Bruce Yonemoto, and many others.

Last 6 Months

6/8/17 to 9/17/17
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Magnetic Fields: Expanding American Abstraction, 1960s to Today introduces the work of more than twenty exceptional artists in conversation with one another for the first time.

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7/21/17 to 9/3/17
Kemper at the Crossroads

The Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute’s (KCALSI) fourth annual Science to Art exhibition features intrinsic images found in biomedical research, which is often displayed on research journal covers. The purpose of Science to Art is to provide a platform for scientists to display and describe their research through the visual arts. Each of these remarkable images tells a personal research story and poetically captures the research performed by the scientists and their teams.

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1/20/17 to 7/9/17
Kemper at the Crossroads

Featuring Artists: Nicole Awai, Elizabeth Huey, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Susanne Kühn, Robyn O’Neil, Lisa Sanditz

This exhibition brings together works from the Kemper Museum’s Permanent Collection that represent dream-like worlds cloaked in mystery. The artists make the familiar seem unfamiliar by distorting space and suffusing their fantastical scenes with characters seemingly caught between this world and another.

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8/19/16 to 6/25/17
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

José Lerma, Spanish-born, Chicago-based artist, presents a commissioned site-responsive project for a prominent location in the Kemper Museum Atrium. Upon visiting the Kemper Museum and Kansas City, the artist found inspiration within the art upon the walls of the Museum and the architecture within the surrounding community.

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12/23/16 to 6/25/17
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

The inspiration for patterns is all around us—from concentric circles rippling from a stone thrown into the water to camouflaged bodies of plants, insects, and animals. Patterns provide elements of texture, elegance, drama, and style that illuminate an artist’s concept. The expressions of everyday life and vibrantly abstracted forms presented in Pattern Scheme evoke qualities of time, balance, repetition, focus, and design that emerge from the unique styles, subjects, and stories of each artist, connected through their varying use of pattern.

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6/17/16 to 6/11/17
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Deconstructing Robert Mangold brings together an extraordinary range of conceptual, formal, and social connections between American Minimalist Robert Mangold (1937–) and other artists from the Kemper Museum’s Permanent Collection. Seven of Mangold’s original woodcuts, Untitled A through G (2000) and Curved Plane Figure III (1995), are presented in dialogue with works by his contemporaries: Immovable Iconography (1990) by Nancy Graves (1939–1995) and Roses and Roofs (1987) by Janet Fish (1938–).

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2/9/17 to 5/21/17
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Hail We Now Sing Joy features a new body of work by Chicago-born, New York-based artist Rashid Johnson, a chapter following his acclaimed exhibition Fly Away at Hauser & Wirth Gallery, New York. This exhibition includes Johnson’s Anxious Audience, large-scale panels of white ceramic tile covered with dozens of agitated faces scrawled in black soap and wax.

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Past Exhibitions