Creative Action Initiative

Creative Action Initiative convenes a group of local leaders to plan and implement an initiative promoting civic engagement using Kemper Museum as its platform.

#creativeactionkc Healing Through Lessons Learned

Creative Action Initiative (CAI) invites you to participate in a collaborative storytelling project: “Healing Through Lessons Learned.” This initiative provideas a platform for people from Kansas City and beyond to share their experiences about living through the pandemic, the lessons they have learned, and their hopes for healing. We hope the result of the project will be a collection of stories that explores individual experiences and reveals shared lessons from this challenging time. 

CAI members have begun this initiative, recording conversations with individuals in our communities, including Educator and community activist, Theodore "Priest" Hughes; Cultural Arts Director of the Mattie Rhodes Center, Jenny Mendez; and Bodyfit founder and personal trainer, David Vava. 

Now, CAI invites you to be an early participant in this initiative by spotlighting someone in your community, starting a meaningful conversation, and sharing insights with the greater public in the form of a short video interview. 

Post your video to Instagram using #creativeactionkc, and tag and follow @creativeactionkc to keep up with the project. You may also submit your video via email to DEADLINE: JANUARY 31

In the Spring, selected contributions will be edited into a short film that will be on view in the Kemper Museum Atrium and on the museum’s website. 



CAI Members

  • Majid Amirahmadi, International Architects Atelier
  • Jessica Manco, Independence School District
  • Edgar J. Palacios, Latinx Education Collaborative
  • Oz Qureshi, MINDDRIVE
  • Jahna Riley, Aya Coffee and Books
  • James SugEasy Singleton, Breakfree Kansas City
  • Lindsay Smith, The Merry Outlaw
  • Denesha Snell, American Public Square
  • Angelique Staggs, musician
  • Linda Williams, KC MeltingPot Theatre

2020 #creativeactionkc: GO VOTE!

The result of CAI's community conversations in 2020 was an exuberant display of artworks that defied the pandemic's dampening of community spirit. #creativeactionkc took place online and in a large scale GO VOTE artwork colored in chalk on the Museum's front drive. Creative contributions came from people from diverse corners of the city, expressing individual and collective commitments to Democracy.