About #creativeactionkc
#creativeactionKC is a community-wide artwork for civic engagement and voting. The social media event takes place now, as people post artworks using the hashtag #creativeactionKC. Starting October 2nd and for the month leading up to Election Day, the artwork will also take place in a dynamic, online gallery on Kemper Museum's app. To join this collective, city-wide event, see the CAI submission guidelines, below!

The 2020-21 cohort of Creative Action Initiative invites you to leverage your own artistic power to show Kansas City and the world what civic engagement means to you. In this unprecedented election season, CAI envisions this artwork as a way to showcase our city's diverse civic perspectives while encouraging all citizens to vote. 

The public is invited to post artworks about civic engagement and voting to social media, with the #creativeactionkc hashtag. In addition to the social media event, you can submit works via email for CAI’s virtual tour of #creativeactionkc. Email submissions become part of the virtual tour on the Kemper Museum app, available from the home page at Kemperart.org.

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Concept guidelines

  1. CAI hopes to see the diversity of perspectives in our community. Everyone is encouraged to participate in #CreativeActionKC
  2. We hope this work will encourage people to vote in the 2020 election!
  3. All submissions will be non-partisan and will not name any candidate for public office.
  4. Entries will say and do nothing that disrespects or degrades any person or group of people.
  5. #CreativeActionKC content can be viewed by people of all ages.

Format guidelines

  1. Digitally presented artworks for the event can be made in any artistic medium.
  2. ​(Optional) Consider using the gold and blue colors in the Kemper Museum logos above, to help the event reflect a unified feeling.
  3. Remember that works will be viewed mostly on cell phones.
  4. ​Videos must not exceed 60 seconds in length.
  5. Image files that are submitted by email must be 300 pixels per inch (ppi) and saved in .jpeg or .pdf format.

Submission guidelines, social media challenge

  1. Photograph/record your artwork and post it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, with the hashtag #creativeactionKC.
  2. Tag friends and challenge them to create their own artworks for civic engagement and voting.

Submission guidelines, Kemper Museum app tour

  1. Email submissions to communications@kemperart.org with #creativeactionkc in the subject line.
  2. Emails should include the following:

                      A. Your artwork file (300 ppi jpeg or pdf)
                      B. Artist’s name *
                      C. City of artist
                      D. Medium (acrylic painting, digital video, etc.)

*For artworks made by people under 18, please submit the artist’s age instead of their last name. 

About the Creative Action Initiative
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art welcomes thirteen community leaders as the inaugural members of Creative Action Initiative, a new annual project to design a collaborative response to community needs and desires using contemporary art, with Kemper Museum as its platform. 

This program convenes local thinkers, leaders, and change-makers from a diverse range of backgrounds to meet throughout 2020 in order to collectively plan a community-based project for implementation. Working together to think about how we might call on the arts to increase and enhance civic participation, Creative Action Initiative participants have been invited to begin this process by responding to the quote by Gertrude Stein, “Art is the pulse of a nation.”

Participants include:

Majid Amirahmadi, International Architects Atelier
Jessica Blubaugh, Women’s Intersport Network
Semra Fetahovic, Cultivate KC
Chris Goode, Ruby Jean’s Juicery
Jessica Manco, art educator
Susan Mong, Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center
Edgar J. Palacios, Latinx Education Collaborative
Jahna Riley, KC Girls Preparatory Academy
James SugEasy Singleton, Breakfree Kansas City
Lindsay Smith, The Merry Outlaw
Angelique Staggs, musician
Linda Williams, KC MeltingPot Theatre

“Public institutions must serve today’s community needs,” says Kemper Museum Executive Director, Sean O’Harrow. “Since it was founded in 1994, Kemper Museum has been at the forefront of reflecting our diverse community, and this new initiative partners with public leaders to envision an exciting, relevant program that will address what people are interested in today.”