Mission Statement


The primary objectives of the Museum are to stimulate dialogue, to foster understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary art, and to present significant works of art as educational resources. In shaping its Permanent Collection, the Museum strives to reflect the vitality, complexity, and unfolding patterns within modern and contemporary art. In selecting its exhibitions, the Museum strives to represent national and international aesthetic and cultural diversity. In its educational programs (which includes lectures, workshops with visiting artists, tours, family days, demonstrations, and performances in a variety of media), the Museum strives to provide opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

The Museum’s audience consists of the public and students of the greater Kansas City area and region, visitors to the area, national and international communities of scholars and art-interested persons, families, children, and those with special needs. In all of these efforts, Kemper Museum, its Trustees, and its staff seek to achieve a high standard of scholarship and excellence in keeping with the most current standards of the Museum profession.