Legacy Society

The Legacy Society at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art is comprised of individual donors, corporations, and foundations that

  • contribute artwork or funds to acquire artwork that is accepted into the museum’s collection; 

  • donate assets to a restricted endowment;

  • provide a bequest through a will or another type of estate plan;

  • name the museum as a primary or secondary beneficiary of a life insurance policy, 401k, or other financial instrument.


For more information, please contact:
Don Schreiner, Director of Advancement

Kemper Museum Legacy Society

June Ahrens

Gary Akers

Alexandre Gallery

Irene R. Allis *

American Academy of Arts and Letters

Barry Anderson


Atrium Gallery

Dr. Richard J. Bahron

Dr. Michael Bastasch

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Benson

John Berggruen Gallery

Byron Cohen/Lennie Berkowitz Gallery

Robin Bernat

Linda * and Ed * Blackburn

Robert L. Bloch

Christopher Brown

Frederick James Brown *

Richard Lotman Brown

Stephen Bernard Browne

Phillip A. Bruno Collection

Dan Budnik *

Stanley J. Bushman

Byoungho Son

Patty Carroll

Carroll and Sons, Boston

E. Kemper Carter and Anna Curry Carter Community Memorial Trust, UMB Bank, n.a., Trustee

Dale Chihuly

Chihuly Studio

Byron * and Eileen Cohen

Dr. Douglas and Cara Cowan

Cheryl Cozad

Rachael and Kanon Cozad

John T. Curtis

Deborah Dancy

Harold F. Daum *

Beatrice B. Davis *

Frauke de Looper *

Joan* and George* Dillon

Terry Dixon

Lois Dodd

Dolphin, Inc.

Carol Simon Dorsky

Douglas Drake and Elisabeth Kirsch

Douglas Drake Gallery

DST Systems, Inc.

Angela Dufresne

Burton L. Dunbar and Anna Marie Larkin

JE Dunn Construction

Senator Thomas F.* and Barbara S. Eagleton

Robert Ebendorf

Josephine Pickard Foote

J. Scott Francis

Francis Family Foundation Discretionary Fund

Sam Francis Foundation

Ann and Robert L. Freedman

Norm Fretwell and Bev Haskins

Elsa Freund *

Charles A Garney *

J. Peter and Barbara J. Gattermeir

Christy and Bill Gautreaux

Elizabeth Irwin Gordon *   

Barbara Grad

Nancy Graves Foundation

Jan and Ronald K. Greenberg

Kojo Griffin 

Wilhelmina Grooms

Dr. Chris J. Haas

Dr. Jeffrey Hantover

Larry Hawk

William J. Hebenstreit Memorial Fund

Susan Hefuna

Miss Katharine Hepburn *

Leslie Heraman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Herman

Ana Maria Hernando

Higher Pictures, Inc.

Sharon and John Hoffman

Denise and Tom Holcom

Tanja Alexia Hollander and John P. Morrill

Jack Hughes *

Jeffrey Woodson Jarrett

Mitchell Johnson

Pamela G. Johnson

Linda and Topper Johntz

Roberto Juarez

Pinky and Arthur J. * Kase

Kearney Wornall Foundation, UMB Bank, n.a., Trustee

R. Crosby Kemper, Jr. *and Bebe Hunt

R. C. Kemper Charitable Trust, UMB Bank, n.a., Trustee

R. C. Kemper, Jr. Charitable Trust, UMB Bank, n.a, Trustee

Enid and Crosby Kemper Foundation, UMB Bank, n.a., Trustee

William T. Kemper Charitable Trust, UMB Bank, n.a., Trustee

Kemper Realty Company

Cheonae Kim

Jann and Fred Kline

Michael Klein

John V. and Laura M. Knaus

Ada and Kevin Koch

Don Lambert

Lawrence Arts Center

The Lawrence Lithography Workshop

Jann Lee and David Bates

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art

Anthony Lepore

Byron E. Lewis, Sr.

Anne Lindberg

Hung Liu * and Jeff Kelley

Jean Lowe

Jo * and Bob * Loyd

Deborah Luster

Joanne * and Lee Lyon *

Mike and Linda Lyon

Susan and Peter MacGill

Neeta Madahar and Paul Hemmingway

Marco Maggi

Marlborough Gallery, Inc.

Marvelli Gallery

Vicky and Howard Mayer

Mark and Christina * McPhee

Laura McPhee

Dean Mitchell

Lolly and Jim Mitchell

Estate of Eric Morgenthaler

Phoebe A. Mooney *

Museum Without Walls

Manuel J. Neri

Jerome S. Nerman *

Deanna J. Nichols *

Brad and Linda Nicholson

Gerry and Wilbur Niewald

Northeast Community Center

Eileen and Peter Norton

Barbara Novaria Trust

Jack* and Georgia* Olsen

H. Tony and Marti Oppenheimer

Pace/MacGill Gallery

Anne Packard

Cynthia Packard

Martha Parrish

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Peters

Gerald Peters Gallery

Paul and Nancy Pletka

The Print Society of Greater Kansas City

Drs. Antonio and Luz Racela

Ricci Racela and Michael Bonahan

Maria Racela-Smith and Jeremy Smith

Neil K. Rector

James Reinish

Mr.* and Mrs.* Marvin Rich

Matt Rich

Robischon Gallery

Jay B. Rosenberg

Jim Sajovic and Ellen R. Magariel

Samsøñ, Boston

Charline Bush Schmelzer

B. Z. and Michael H. Schwartz

Sears-Peyton Gallery

Sandy Seawright

Estate of Ted Seligson

Edward and Helga Seltzer

The Honorable Charles Shangler

Shark's Ink.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Slonem

The Sosland Family

The Sosland Foundation

Jane and Josh Sosland

Harold and Ruth Spelke

Marilyn Ross Strauss Collection

Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts, Commerce Bank, Trustee

Jo Ann and William D. Sullivan

Cecelia "Rosebee" Surdut *

John H. Surovek Gallery

Gilda Snowden Estate

Mr. and Mrs. Paul LeBaron Thiebaud

Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery

Dr. Anthony Terrana

Barbara * and Paul * Uhlmann, Jr.

Mrs. R. Hugh Uhlmann *

Mr. * and Mrs. John Uhlmann

Mr. * and Mrs. Robert Uhlmann

UMB Bank

Uri Vaknin

Dean Valentine and Amy Adelson

John and Sally van Doren

Drs. Pio and Esther Vilar

Vose Galleries of Boston

The Vilcek Foundation

Robert Walden

Stephanie Walker

Jaimie Warren

Weinberger Fine Art

Jan Weiner *

Lyle Wells III * and Marianne Wells

Clyde and Katie Wendel

Robert and Sally West

Lee and Nicolas Nicolas Wyeth

Trudy Ziegler *

Zola Libierman Gallery


* Gone but not forgotten



To report a correction, please contact:
Don Schreiner, Director of Advancement