Digital Exhibition Guide: Five Years and Counting

Five Years and Counting: Expanding the Permanent Collection features a selection of works acquired by Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art through purchase or gift for the Permanent Collection over the course of half a decade. This exciting display of paintings, photographs, sculpture, and works on paper demonstrates Kemper Museum’s remarkable exhibition history and dedication to collecting significant works by women artists and artists of color that reflect the vitality, complexity, and unfolding patterns within modern and contemporary art and culture.

Since its inception in 1994, Kemper Museum’s mission has included collecting works of historic, local, and international importance. Founded with a core gift of 320 works of art donated by Crosby Kemper Jr. and Mary “Bebe” Hunt, the Museum has expanded the collection to approximately 1,500 objects within 28 years, essentially quintupling its holdings. Along with this tremendous growth, curatorial staff have developed substantial exhibiting and collecting strategies to affirm diverse perspectives within contemporary art.

To mark the past five years of acquisitions—and to celebrate a shift in institutional perspective—we invite you to engage with five central exhibition themes: Concealing/Revealing; Cosmos; Global Identities; Lineages; and Transformations.

Five Years and Counting: Expanding the Permanent Collection is organized by Kemper Museum and curated by Krista Alba, assistant curator and Erin Dziedzic, director of curatorial affairs.