Kemper Museum Teen Arts Council Announces Annual Zine: “Here We Are”

Kemper Museum Teen Arts Council Announces Annual Zine: “Here We Are”

The publication responds to the exhibition, “Aliza Nisenbaum: Aquí Se Puede (Here You Can)” and invites submissions from the Kansas City Teen Community

Pages from the 2021 Zine: “Remember This Place”

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art’s Teen Arts Council (TAC) is pleased to announce its second annual zine, titled “Here We Are.” Initiated in fall 2020, the project began as a way for the TAC to safely produce a collaborative, creative project during the height of the pandemic. The new edition builds on this initial idea and invites creative submissions from local teens.

In spring 2022, the zine will be available on the TAC website, and a limited quantity of printed zines will be available in the Kemper Museum Shop at no cost.

Featuring original poetry and photography, the first zine, “Remember This Place” was inspired by the exhibition, “Dawoud Bey: Selections from Night Coming Tenderly, Black,” comprising a series of photographs that reimagine sites along the Underground Railroad and borrows its name from the Langston Hughes poem, “Dream Variations.”

The second zine, “Here We Are” invites submissions of original photography and poetry inspired by community, culture, music, and individuality, themes found in the current exhibition “Aliza Nisenbaum: Aquí Se Puede (Here You Can).” The features a series of painted portraits of members of local salsa and dance communities that was commissioned by Kemper Museum as part of the annual Atrium Project.

“Aliza Nisenbaum’s work is such a powerful reflection of the dance and music scene in Kansas City,” said Ysabella Olsen, a current TAC member. “In my part of the zine, I’m hoping to also find inspiration in my community and culture at home.”

Also new this year is the addition of a page-making night on Thursday, Feb. 3 where teens who are interested in contributing to the zine will have the opportunity to gather to work on their pages and connect with their peers at Kemper Museum.

“This project has become a wonderful opportunity for the Teen Arts Council members to engage with the work of contemporary artists on view at Kemper Museum to inspire their own artmaking,” said Ellie Closen, multigenerational programs coordinator at Kemper Museum. “The result is a creative publication that documents this unique time in history through the eyes of Kansas City teens.”

About the Kemper Teen Arts Council | @kemperteens

Teen Arts Council is a youth development program for Kansas City-area teens. A competitively selected group of up to fifteen teen leaders work with Learning and Engagement staff to develop and manage teen programs for Kemper Museum. Over the course of the year, based on the evolution of the group, they create teen-focused events, attend workshops with local artists, participate in projects related to museum exhibitions, take part in leadership building opportunities, and plan an end-of-program art exhibition.




Open to anyone ages 13–19

Make one or more original photograph(s) and write an original poem inspired by the exhibition, “Aliza Nisenbaum: Aquí Se Puede (Here You Can).”

Common themes: Community, Culture, Music, and Individuality


  • Who do you love? Where do you feel loved?
  • What community inspires you? What community do you feel connected to and why?
  • Who are you in your community that you are not elsewhere?
  • What makes you who you are?
  • What challenges has your community overcome?



Page-Making Night
Thursday, Feb. 3, 6–8 p.m.
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Join your peers to create pages for the zine and exchange feedback on poetry and photography. Email by Feb. 1 to register. With your registration, email your photos and poems if you would like them printed, or bring your own prints. Art supplies for page-making will be provided.