2020 Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly

2020 Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly

Looking at beautiful art can bring such joy, especially in uncertain times. Each April we welcome a new collection of Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly to the Shop, made available each year as a way for Museum patrons to support the exhibitions and programs of Kemper Museum.

The 2020 Studio Edition collection includes:

  • Spring Green Persian is a two-piece composition that expresses the wild asymmetry of this exotic series. Concentric bands of opaque apple green envelop the fan-shaped amber-green element with a hypnotic rhythm. An extraordinary form rests within its folds, unfurling in hues of rose-gold and pale green. Skimming the edge of each element, a dark green lip wrap emphasizes the dynamic forms.
  • The two-piece 2020 Monarch Seaform Studio Edition illustrates the wavelike motion of the series’ quixotically abstract forms. Each golden-orange element is grazed by a lapis-blue lip wrap and shows one of two variations of a sienna-colored body wrap. The larger, exterior element presents Chihuly’s traditional wrap while the interior form reveals a distinctly staccato wrap. Together, the elements narrate an asymmetrical yet eloquent balance.
  • The 2020 Medici Macchia Studio Edition articulates Chihuly’s command of color and its dramatic interplay with transparency and light. Flushed in crimson, the composition has a momentum that is accelerated by red-hued pigment dusted between clouds of color, while speckles of chartreuse and saffron contribute contrast. A vivid golden yellow lip wrap pulses with the fluid movement of the sculpture.
  • Hyacinth Basket exemplifies the delicate form and fluidity found in Chihuly’s Basket series. The Basket is composed of two pieces, its opaque cobalt blue interior element finding its resting place within a larger form that transitions from deep cobalt to an ethereal transparency. An indigo lip wrap extends and arcs around the surface of each element, further emphasizing its multidimensional composition.

These hand-blown sculptures reference some of the best-known series by Dale Chihuly. Each Edition is signed by the artist and accompanied by an acrylic vitrine with a black base for display. Given the nature of hand-blown glass, these pieces will vary slightly in size, color, and shape.

The Museum Shop at Kemper Museum is the only place in Kansas City which offers the Chihuly Studio Editions. The 2020 editions are available for purchase in the Museum Shop online.

Image Credit: © 2020 Chihuly Workshop. All rights reserved.