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“Eighty-year-old artist Virginia Jaramillo ran her fingers over bumps of paint on the canvas and tilted her head to gaze at her 1975 painting titled Principle of Equivalence. The title, she said, references more philosophical notions of equivalence. The burnt-orange color draws from childhood memories of riding her bike through the desert landscape at her grandparents’ turkey ranch in El Centro, Southern California.

‘See the gradation? I would see the earth, all cracked, and it was that color,’ she said. ‘To me it’s soothing.’ 

This work is on display for the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art’s exhibit Lexicon: The Language of Gesture in 25 Years at Kemper Museum. It is also a featured work in the museum’s new dinner-and-art series.” –– Vicky Diaz-Camacho, KCPT

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