Museum Shop Artist: Jean Meinhardt

Museum Shop Artist: Jean Meinhardt

Museum Shop

Jean Meinhardt has worked in clay for 35 years; the first 8 years as a production thrower. That experience helped to hone her skills at throwing as well as her eye for form. In 1992, Meinhardt started her own pottery and from that time, has focused on developing glazes to fit with her forms. 

“My goal is to have a balance of an interesting glaze on a form simple enough to stand on it’s own. I prefer to work in porcelain for the strength and the impermeability it develops when high-fired. It also creates a pure background which doesn’t interfere with the glazes.” 

Meinhardt enjoys working within the realm of functional pottery because she likes the idea of people using her pots. “I hope to make work that will in some way enhance people’s daily life - whether through it’s use, or simply by having something around that can add a moment of beauty.”

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