Meet Shop Artist: Manda Wylde

Meet Shop Artist: Manda Wylde

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Manda Wylde is a globe-trotting jewelry artist who fell in love with the art of adornment upon discovering her mother’s jewelry box at the age of two.  She began creating her own jewelry with a kit of snap beads at the age of three, graduating to porcelain, pearls, and precious metals later on. Wylde now makes jewelry that is unique in style and crafted with exquisite care, pulling on influences from the past, present, and imagined future.  

From the hand-blending of dyes for each clay body, to the unique textural finishes achieved through hours of hand and machine polishing, to the selection of high-quality freshwater pearls and mystery-free metals, Wylde makes pieces to be touched, explored, and ultimately loved.

She is a 2017 Artist INC Kansas City Fellow living in Kansas City. 

View her works in-person or online by scrolling through the Museum Shop.