Kemper at the Crossroads Closing

Kemper at the Crossroads Closing

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As part of the continued commitment to our mission rooted in enriching lives through the experience of contemporary art, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art is excited to be sharing our new strategic plan with the public in the new year. A Board-led initiative, this strategic plan advances the Museum’s goal of centralizing operations around the Museum’s main location. As a result, Kemper Museum will be leaving the Crossroads.

Kemper at the Crossroads has been honored to support Kansas City’s artist community through the many solo and group exhibitions held in this space, and the Museum remains dedicated to continuing this commitment by heightening visitor experience on a single, contiguous campus. 

Through the implementation of this plan, Kemper Museum will be expanding our efforts to present free exhibitions and educational programs for all ages that enrich, educate, challenge, and inspire a wide and diverse audience. In support of this effort, and the growing vision of a Kansas City Cultural Arts District, Kemper Museum remains committed to continuing dynamic collaborations between the Museum and all of our continuing and new cultural partners throughout the Kansas City region. 

Kemper at the Crossroads is now closed to the public. 
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