KC Star's Top Exhibits of 2015

KC Star's Top Exhibits of 2015

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The Kansas City Star compiles their selection of top exhibitions from 2015 with a final look back at the year of exceptional art in Kansas City. Among those museums featured is Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

Two exhibitions from 2015 at Kemper Museum are highlighted:

Adam Cvijanovic: American Montage — Monumental scale paintings on Tyvek adhered to the wall created an immersive experience of landscape works that referenced the Hudson Valley School while incorporating cinematic elements that added a sense of time passing.

Piece by Piece: Building a Collection: Selections From the Christy and Bill Gautreaux Collection The first exhibition of a private collection not connected to the Kemper family afforded Kansas Citians a chance to see works from major national and international artists in a wide range of materials, from large colorful sculptures to photographs to mixed media paintings.

(Original article written by Kansas City Star's Cindy Hoedel.)

An online version of the article is available or download the PDF.