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British Artists Now: A Look at UK Artists from Across the Atlantic

“Few artists are so directly concerned with the British condition—with its imperial past and its multicultural present—as Hew Locke. Statues of kings and queens, coats of arms, flotillas of naval warships and architectural Victoriana have all featured in the Scottish-Guyanese artist’s work. Which is why it is surprising, perhaps, that his exhibition Hew Locke: Here’s the Thing has travelled from the Ikon gallery in Birmingham, England, to Kansas City’s Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (until 19 January 2020).” ––Johnathan Griffin, Art Agency Partners

Angel Otero: Diario

“As a sprawling amalgamation of experiences, epiphanies and inputs, Angel Otero’s new installation at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, “Diario,” represents humanity’s psychological landscape. The apparent chaos of the piece belies its sophistication; the sculpture’s densely layered components illustrate not only the tangible influence of its creator, who was born in Puerto Rico and divides his time between Chicago and New York, but also reveal the invisible impacts we all endure as part of a sentient, emotionally driven species.” ––Matthew Thompson, KC STUDIO 

25 Kemper watchers pick 25 favorites

"Oct. 2 marks the 25th anniversary of the 1994 opening of Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, and a quarter century of exhibitions and acquisitions that have expanded and enriched the Kansas City cultural landscape. In recognition of this milestone, KC Studio asked 25 Kemper watchers — including artists, critics, patrons, collectors and area museum professionals — to pick a favorite work of art or exhibition, which we chronicle in the following pages." — Alice Thorson, editor

Artist Angel Otero Shares His ‘Diario’ at Kemper Museum

"Angel Otero routinely punctuates his sentences with 'it’s dope' and a chuckle. 

The 38-year-old artist from Santurce, Puerto Rico, is larger than life, but his mixed-media installation 'Diario' at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art is even larger. It’s his largest work to date. The commissioned work is the fourth in the museum’s Atrium Project series curated by Erin Dziedzic, director of curatorial affairs at the Kemper Museum." ––Vicky Diaz-Camacho, KCPT 

Around Town: Rick Mullins

In her new series, Food Editor Grace Pritchett shares a drink or two and a bite to eat with some of KC’s most prominent food personalities. This week, she shares a bite + takes in the wise words of Cafe Sebastienne’s Rick Mullins. 

Review: Paper Routes – Women to Watch 2020

“What the artist describes as 'a community of naked, plush creatures called fumblys' populate Fuko Ito’s pastel-colored, psychedelic work, and I, for one, would like to go on record as saying I’m up for this adventure anytime. Ito’s two monumental watercolor and colored pencil on paper drawings illustrate her community of what appear to be industrious, yet relaxed creatures. In the triptych 'billowing hearts' from the 'heart of plush' series, the fumblys seem to labor and relax together in a soft-focus atmosphere that is neither of this or any other actual world currently known to us.

The Flavor of Art

“Eighty-year-old artist Virginia Jaramillo ran her fingers over bumps of paint on the canvas and tilted her head to gaze at her 1975 painting titled Principle of Equivalence. The title, she said, references more philosophical notions of equivalence. The burnt-orange color draws from childhood memories of riding her bike through the desert landscape at her grandparents’ turkey ranch in El Centro, Southern California.

‘See the gradation? I would see the earth, all cracked, and it was that color,’ she said. ‘To me it’s soothing.’ 

Naoko Wowsugi; ‘Atlas Obscura’ Book

“In the early 2000s, an artist from Japan came to study at the Kansas City Art Institute. She made a big impression on the arts community here ... and it made one on her as well. She shares the story behind ‘Thank You for Teaching Me English,’ now on display at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.”–– Gina Kaufmann & Matthew Long-Middleton, KCUR 89.3

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An Interview with the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Executive Director Sean O’Harrow

“Born in France, raised in Hawaii, educated at both Harvard and Cambridge University in England, and once employed as a hedge fund and technology finance executive in London, Sean O’Harrow brings a very unique perspective to his new position as executive director at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. He comes to Kansas City from the Honolulu Museum of Art, trading surfboards for ice skates. Previously the director at the University of Iowa Museum of Art in Iowa City, he does know how cold it gets here—and decided to take this new post anyway.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Hires a New Executive Director

“Sean O’Harrow Will Bring ‘Exuberance’ and Creative Thinking to the 25-year-old Museum.” –– Bryan F. Le Beau, KC STUDIO

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