• Trudy and John Jacobson – Kemper Gala Honorary Chairs

    Trudy and John Jacobson – Kemper Gala Honorary Chairs

  • Dolly Wood, Keely Edgington, and Kim Klein – Kemper Gala Co-Chairs


    Dolly Wood, Keely Edgington, and Kim Klein – Kemper Gala Co-Chairs


  • Karen and Jack Holland – Kemper Ambassadors Co-Chairs

    Karen and Jack Holland – Kemper Ambassadors Co-Chairs

2017 Gala Leadership

Your Support of Kemper Museum is Personal

We know you have many options when deciding where to give your time, your energy, and your dollars. We believe your decision should be a personal one. Whether you have a fondness for specific works from the Permanent Collection, or find inspiration in the exhibitions and programs offered here, or maybe it is a common smile and a welcoming nature that is felt walking into the Museum, the Shop, or Café Sebastienne—it is always about a personal connection. We recently asked some of our Gala leadership, "Why Kemper Museum Gala?" A selection of their responses can be found below. 

If you want to begin your personal connection with Kemper Museum, we encourage you to join us at our annual Gala on Saturday, October 21. Tickets and Sponsorship packets are available now.



“It’s truly an honor to help keep the Museum free for all. I hope many people are inspired to join us lending their generous support.”
Trudy Jacobson, Honorary Co-Chair

“I agreed to help because I am so impressed with how much the Museum provides in the way of free programming.”
John Jacobson, Honorary Co-Chair


“I love the Kemper Museum and could not say ‘no’ when Mary Kemper Wolf asked me to co-chair. Of course I love throwing a party, and this will be a big one!”
– Keely Edgington, Gala Co-Chair

“The best part of helping to plan the Gala is getting to know such a great group of volunteers. Every part of the event planning is handled with an eye for efficiency so the costs remain low and the most money possible goes to the Museum.”
– Kim Klein, Gala Co-Chair

“I am doing this in memory of my friend Chef Jennifer Maloney. Jennifer took great pride in making sure the Gala food was excellent. That will not change! In fact, the dinner this year will have all of us dining together in one glorious space. I invite everyone to come raise a toast in Jen’s honor.”
– Dolly Wood, Gala Co-Chair


“As a member of the Board of Trustees for Kemper Museum, I am grateful for the Ambassadors who serve so graciously through the years as leaders of the annual Gala. And I speak for all of us on the Board when I say ‘thank you’ for your very generous on-going support of the Museum.”
– Karen Holland, Co-Chair, Kemper Ambassadors

“The Gala season at Kemper Museum is such a good time to reconnect with our friends, while helping a Museum that has become such a valuable community asset.”
– Jack Holland, Co-Chair, Kemper Ambassadors

2017 Committee

Jennifer Anderson Dan Meiners  
Nancy Bollier Sophie Pickering  
Carrie Bratcher Katrina Revenaugh  
Chadwick Brooks Elliott Scott  
Emily Fehsenfeld Rachel Sexton  
Leslie Fraley Ingred Sidie  
Andrea Kirsch Debra Smith  
Ada Koch Jessica Thompson  
Jan Kyle Lou Thurmon  
Damian Lair Helen Wewers  
Ron Megee Mary Kemper Wolf  

2017 Kemper Ambassadors

2017 Kemper Gala Ambassadors

Front Row: Eileen Cohen, Helen Wewers, Lindsay Major, Denise Holcom, Jane Voorhees, Jo Ann Sullivan, Tom Beal, Linda Beal, Jeannette Nichols
Back Row: Mary Kemper Wolf, Rachael Cozad, Katie Wendel, Jack Holland, Karen Holland, Ken Petti, Dolly Wood, Scott Heidmann, Keely Edgington, Linda Nicholson, Kim Klein, Tom Holcom, Brad Nicholson, Gayle Krigel, Bebe Hunt, Lynn Carlton, Kim Weinberger, Jan Kyle

Since 2014, a group of valuable supporters who served in leadership roles for past annual Galas have joined together to form Kemper Ambassadors. This auxiliary group of volunteers stay involved with Kemper Museum as advocates and fundraisers, sharing their leadership experience with current and future leaders of the event. The complete list of Kemper Ambassadors includes:

Karen & Jack Holland, Ambassador Co-Chairs Nancy & Herb Kohn
Christine & Don Alexander Stacey & Mike Koon
Kathleen Aylward * Linda & William Kornitzer
JoAnn * & Fred * Ball Gayle Krigel
Brooke Barrier Kelly & Jon Lambert
Tom & Linda Beal Linda Lighton & Lynn Adkins
Beverly Pierson Bradley Jo & Bob Loyd
Karl Bublitz Cathy & Mark Maslan
Tim Butt Dan Meiners
Lynn Carlton Kat McDaniel
Eileen & Byron * Cohen Jean & Tom McDonnell
Gaye & Mark Cohen Holly Mihalovich
Ann Cooling Jerry & Margaret Nerman
Susie & Tom Corbin Jeannette Nichols
Rachael & Kanon Cozad Linda & Brad Nicholson
Cheryl & Chris Davis Jill Norden *
Peter & Michelle deSilva Barbara Buell Novaria *
Lena & Dan Dickinson
Keely Edgington
Hallie Hudson Peavey
Wendy Powell
Irene & Saul Ellis Mike & Kathy Rainen
Scott Francis Cathy Schultz
Theresa & Brad Freilich Cathy & Fred Seligson
Christy & Bill Gautreaux Laura Shultz
Courtney Goddard Debbie Simpson
Pam & Gary Gradinger Helane Smith
Laura Greenbaum Bill & Jo Ann Sullivan
Jill Hall Sue Trucksess
Marilyn Hebenstreit Paul Uhlmann, Jr. *
Scott Heidmann Ann & Frank Uryasz
Sally Hilkene Jane Voorhees
Denise & Tom Holcom Brooke Runnion Weinstein
Carol & Dennis Hudson Katie Wendel
Sharron Hunt
Bebe Hunt
Katie Wendel
Helen Wewers
Laurie Ingram C. Stephen Metzler * & Brian D. Williams
Jackie Johnson Carolyn Williams *
Michele & Harvey Kaplan Mary Kemper Wolf
Julia Irene Kauffman
Crosby Kemper * 
Toma & Andy Wolff
Dolly Wood
Megan and Mariner Kemper  
​Kim Klein  
Diana Kline  
​Ada Koch *Gone but not forgotten